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Mistakes that won’t let your content rank

content rank mistakes

Mistakes that won’t let your content rank

With search engines updating their algorithms regularly, it becomes difficult for websites to rank on the first page of searches. While quality content that is valuable to users is one of the significant factors that help a brand rank better, there are numerous others could help boost your online presence. If you are a company that has not been able to improve its ranking even after working on your SEO for ages, chances are, you might be making these common mistakes!

Bad Use of Keywords

Odds are, your density of keywords is either too high or too low. It is also possible that your keywords are not relevant. Use multiple keywords to boost your content better. 

Content not Optimized

If your content is too long or not updated frequently, search engines won’t let you rank.

Slow Loading Speed

With time-consuming loads, the bounce rate increases, and your page is not considered optimized.

Non-Responsive Website

Since a majority of users today are accessing content on their mobiles, it becomes imperative to have a responsive website that functions seamlessly on different devices for better ranking.

Not Linking the Content

Quality links – both internal and external are important. Search engines need to understand that your web page is useful with a lot of references.

Publishing Duplicate Content

If there’s something worse than no content, it is duplicate content. Search engines seriously discourage plagiarism, and you are sure to be downgraded if you have copied your words.

Not Optimizing Titles, Meta Tags, and Images

Apart from your content, it is also vital to have attention-seeking titles, appropriate meta tags, and relevant on-page image descriptions to improve your ranking.

Don’t let these errors impact your digital presence. Look out for these and resolve them immediately.

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