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content rank mistakes

Mistakes that won’t let your content rank

With search engines updating their algorithms regularly, it becomes difficult for websites to rank on the first page of searches. While quality content that is valuable to users is one of the significant factors that help a brand rank better, there are numerous others could help boost your online presence. If you are a company that has not been able to improve its ranking even after working on your SEO for ages, chances are, you might be making these common mistakes! Bad Use of Keywords Odds are, your density of keywords is either too high or too low. It is also possible that your keywords are not relevant. Use multiple keywords to boost your content better.  Content not Optimized If your content is too...

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seo writing

What is SEO Writing and how does it help brands?

In recent years, probably the most used buzzword in the digital marketing space has been SEO. Though used frequently, a lot of people still don’t know what it means and how it helps brands. We have got you covered! What is SEO Writing? SEO outlooks for Search Engine Optimization, and SEO writing involves curating content in a way that helps you rank better on major search engines. Using SEO tools and techniques will help crawlers identify your webpages and improve the visibility of your content. Some major SEO writing tactics include: The use of related keywords in your content to make it discoverableOptimizing the title tags to make the content seem appropriate for the audienceWriting an eye-catchy meta description that...

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