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Generic Queries on Website Contents & Our Content Writing Packages

  1. How many words are necessary for a content to rank well on search engines?

For a webpage, an average of 1000 words is good enough to rank well on search engines. However, we cannot clearly come to a conclusion of how many words are needed to rank well. This is because the number of words to rank well for a webpage depends on the competition of the specific keyword and some other factors that influence ranking.


  1. What is your average delivery time for content writing?

We at Content Writing Team aim to provide you with speedy delivery of our services. Although, some services would naturally require an optimum time to bring out high-quality content. This time is usually dependent on the amount of research, fact-checking, reviewing, and proofreading time required for the same. The average delivery time is usually around 4 to 8 days for a content writing project.


Our Content Writing Services Delivery Timelines


1 Website Contents 6 to 9 Days
2 Blogs Writing 5 to 8 Days
3 Social Media Captions/Description/Hashtags Upto 2 Days
4 Product Brochure 4 to 6 Days
5 Flyer Contents 4 to 6 Days
6 Company Profile / Brochure Content 5 to 8 Days
7 Newsletter Writing 5 to 8 Days
8 Video Content Writing 4 to 6 Days
9 Article Writing 5 to 8 Days
10 Emailers 4 to 6 Days
11 WhatsApp Marketing Contents (1 WhatsApp) Upto 2 Days
12 SMS Marketing Contents (1 SMS) Upto 2 Days




1. What are the charges for website content writing?

The charges for website content writing can vary depending on the type of content and business niche. However, the total charge is calculated based on the amount of time and effort put into each project including the time required for research, ideation, writing, and reviewing of the content.


2. How much time will it take to write content for a website?

The time required to write the content for a website is dependent on the size of the project. Sometimes we will have to do additional research on the business niche and study its target users to deliver high-quality, niche-specific content. But we can promise you a speedy delivery depending upon your requirements.


3. Do you have any policy for writing website content?

Yes, we do maintain a well-structured content creation format for the projects we undertake. This includes from the beginning of the project to the final delivery. For each project, we carefully study its business goals, services, and products and decide what type of content it needs. We also make sure the content aligns with the target audience.



1. How are social media content writing services different from other types of content writing?

One main thing that differentiates social media content writing from other content writing services is the length and creative approach to it. Social media content, unlike blogs or articles, needs to be short and precise. It needs to attract audiences with attention-grabbing headlines and captions.  It needs to be engaging.


2. How many words can be used for social media captions?

The answer to this question is not easy. Because every social media platform is different from one another. This means the length and type of content for each social media are not the same. But we create custom captions depending on each social media for our clients whether be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.


3. What needs to be taken care of when writing social media content?

When writing social media content, we will take care of things like the target audience and the business niche. It is important to write engaging content that is short and precise. Also, we will make it easy to read with a well-structured format that communicates with the user about the products or services we are offering.


4. Why do I need a landing page for my business?

A landing page helps you to attract more traffic to your website. Landing pages are an effective way to collect prospective customers or buyers and guide them to buy your product. A landing page will also showcase your services and products to the customers, show them your USP, promote offers to the target audience and encourage them to buy.


5. Do you help re-writing content on an old website?

Yes. We help rewrite content and optimize them for SEO friendliness. This process, which is called content repurposing, is pretty useful for a website when it comes to ranking and reaching more users. We give your dead content a revival.



1. What is a copy-editing service?

A copy-editing service involves interpreting raw content and correcting the mistakes (if needed) from a closer technical level. This service includes checking grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, usage errors, punctuation mistakes, etc.


2. How much is the charge for copy editing?

The copy-editing service is charged based on word count or the whole project. It depends on the client’s requirements. A copy-editing charge can also include content development charges, rewriting charges, proofreading charges, or a mix and match of both.


3. What all does include in your copy-editing service?

Basically, a copy-editing service includes content editing and proofreading. In addition to that, our copy-editing service includes fact-checking, SEO optimization, spell check, formatting, and flow check. We at the Content Writing Team make sure that we deliver the best content to our clients.


1. Is article writing and blog writing the same?

No. The main difference between articles and blogs are the word count and the difference in the writing style. When a blog ranges from 500 to 1000 words, an article can range from 1000 to 5000 words depending upon the topic. An article is in-depth informative data about a subject whereas a blog might be a personal summary of the same.


2. What is your process for article writing?

An article should convey facts and more intrusive information about a certain topic. This is why we invest in a deep research process before writing an article. Moreover, we predefine the objectives, keep in mind the target audience, gather the informational resources and proofread the whole content before delivering.


3. How much do you charge for article writing?

The price range depends on the level of expertise needed and the length of the article. A normal article that ranges around 1000 words would need only a 2000 to 5000 base range. If it requires deeper research, interviews, and more resources the price range can go even higher than normal.


1. How do you make the blogs SEO optimized?

We maintain a proper checklist to deliver an SEO-optimized blog. This includes adding a proper heading, a simple and engaging writing style, including relevant keywords, adding semantic keywords, and proper research. We have an expert SEO team to take care of the rest.


2. Is blog writing help my website to rank better?

Yes. Writing blogs that are SEO optimized will help you to improve visibility in search engines. This in turn will help you to rank better when compared to the blogs that are not SEO optimized. We always prefer an SEO blog for your website.


3. What is the TAT for blog writing services?

We have the best content writing team with fast delivery and professional expertise for a wide range of topics. This is why we are able to provide our content writing services at an optimal TAT. We can assure you to deliver the best content on time without any delay.


1. How does SEO content impact my website?

SEO content writing helps you to improve the online visibility of your website. With high-quality, engaging content people will be drawn to your website. We just don’t create a boring website. As more people visit your website, the website traffic will also increase accordingly.


2. How do you charge for SEO content writing?

The charges for SEO content writing are based on the time and effort put into researching, ideating, and creating content. The amount also depends on the SEO optimization done on the content. Due to this SEO content will be charged higher than normal content writing services.


3. What all niches do you write about?

We have expert writers from different fields who can write high-quality, well-researched content for your business. This includes topics ranging from startups, finance, blockchain, and cryptocurrency to beauty, lifestyle, and personal health.


1. What is your professional method for writing a newsletter?

We have a very professional approach when it comes to newsletter writing. First, we define the purpose of the newsletter and then we will study the target audience. Later on, we consider the design structure and accordingly prepare the taglines and CTA’s.


2. How do you make an attractive newsletter?

We have an expert design team to create an attractive newsletter for your business. Design is an important aspect of a newsletter along with the content. Then we hand over it to the copywriting team to draft amazing copies that attract your target audience.


3. Are CTA’s important for a newsletter?

Yes. CTA’s or Call to Action is the key for your business to interact with your target customers. CTAs should convey the right message and move the user close to the sales funnel. This is why we craft elegant and click-able CTA’s for newsletters.


1. Why should I hire a company profile writing service?

A company profile is the first impression of your business to your target customers. A professional company profile writing company can help you to craft the best company profile for you. They make sure that a professional approach is maintained by ideating and communicating with the customers clearly.


2. What is your professional approach to writing company profiles?

A company profile must primarily identify the company’s purpose. After understanding the company and its products or services it should communicate with the audience. This is where a storytelling model is adapted. Finally, we create the company story and keep a consistent format throughout the entire creation process.


3. How a good company profile can impact my business?

A well-made company profile will help you to communicate with your customers effectively and clearly. This will help them to understand what your business is doing to help them solve their problems. It will also intrigue your future customers when proposing to them.


4. What is a corporate brochure/product brochure?

A corporate brochure is graphical collateral that is either a digitally printed document or a digital version that displays the list of services or products a company promotes. This might include an overview of the company, its vision and mission statements, and contact information. A company brochure speaks to your target customers.


  1. What includes corporate video content?

Corporate video content gives an overview of your business, its physical location, and its work culture to the prospects in a video format. This helps them to understand the company more efficiently.


  1. Is scriptwriting important for video content?

Yes. Scriptwriting is very important for video content. Scriptwriting enables the producer to understand the overall story of the video content and helps them to make the video in a better way. An experienced scriptwriter helps you to outline the video content and let the director understand what he should convey to the audience.


  1. How good is your success rate for video content?

Yes, we have a professional production team with years of experience in video making. This includes graphic designers, content writers, and the management team. We make unique and viral video content that appeals to a large audience.


1. What niches do you cover with promotional writing?

We can cover a wide range of niches from fashion to cryptocurrency. Our professional team will help you write amazing copies for all types of content depending on your requirement. All you need to do is contact our amazing team of content writers.


2. How a promotional content can impact my business?

Promotional content can include social media, emails, newsletters, and other content marketing mediums. A strong strategy on these channels can leverage your business promotion in many ways like reaching your target audience and communicating your products to you etc… For this, you will need an efficient team to help you with promotional writing.


3. What makes your promotional writing different from others?

We have years of experience in the marketing field. Our team of experts includes a set of marketers, designers, developers, and creative heads who are passionate about what they are doing. This is our strength and we have helped hundreds of small startups to MNCs in promoting their business and services.